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How to Record Audio from Any Source?


Freemore Audio Editor with a built-in audio recorder is a program designed to record sound from any source you can find, including a microphone, media player, tape recorder, streaming audio, phone conversation, etc. The recording possibilities are endless!

Step 1. Activate Audio Recorder

Launch Freemore Audio Editor and play the sound you want to record. Click "New Record" (1) to choose recording sample rate & channels (2) and click "OK" (3) to activate the recorder.

Activate Audio Recorder

Step 2. Adjust Recording Settings

Choose the recording device and appropriate sound source (1) according to your needs. The audio signal may not be detected if the recording settings are incorrect.

Adjust Recording Settings

Step 3. Start Recording

You can see variation in the waveform pattern if the sound you want is being played and dectected. You can adjust the volume (1) by dragging the slider. Click "Record" (2) to start recording. Now the editor is recording audio. To stop the recording, click "Pause" (3). Click "Keep" (4) to input the recording into editor's waveform window.

Start Recording

Step 4. Save the Recording

Now, the recording is displayed in the waveform window. You can click "Play" to playback or edit & add audio effects to the recording if you like. Click "Save" (1) to specify the output format, file name and output location to save it to your harddrive.

Save the Recording


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